David Katz - (Lead vocals, Guitar, Mandolin)

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, David has Southern Rock in his blood - Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, and the like. So everything comes out with a little bit of twang. Little did he know when he moved out West he would team up and find such fun musicians and friends. The Tattered Covers was great fun for years, but he is very excited to be playing in the new Home Brood setup. While relying on his Diane and Marcus for their keener ears and other methods of life support, David feels The Home Brood sound is a terrific new direction, pleasantly therapeutic, and likely to grow even better over time.


Marcus McCloud - (Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar)

With a Georgia and Oklahoma upbringing and a love for harmony, it's no surprise that Marcus has managed to convince the band to include quite a few country tunes in the band's set lists. Learned the harp while working on an offshore drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana. Never dreamed that this little "hobby" would turn into an outright addiction. Band would probably let him sing more solos if he could remember the lyrics. Would like to thank his little brother Billy for giving him such a wonderful guitar ... only a brother would part with his Guild. 

Roger Hughes - (Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals)

Roger was born and raised in Iowa, which is located musically south of Hibbing, Minnesota (Dylan’s birthplace), north of Texas (home of Willie, Waylon, Buddy Holly, etc), west of Appalachia (Nashville, Bluegrass, Americana), and east of California (Eagles, CSNY, etc.). Given the dairy air of Iowa, Roger’s development was effected to the point where a musical bias never evolved. He is currently seeking solace and recovery with other musical addicts in the Home Brood band, which his parole officer sees as a type of community service.


Dennis Beshear - (Upright Bass, Guitar)

A performance hardened warrior, spending the last 22 years covering vocals, rhythm, and lead guitar in the local band, Mirage with his good friend Toby Atencio.  Knew he found the vocal rich musicians he’d been seeking to be in a band with after collaborating with Dave & Marcus on Alpaca Music Fests.  Spending any free time on the “big girl” upright bass when not roaming the streets of Denver as a TV ad exec or his new favorite sport, nude bungee jumping.     



Kenny Newell - (Vocals, Guitar, Dobro, Mandolin & Percussion)

Born in central Illinois, with roots in Country, Gospel, & Rock, Kenny started playing professionally in the Mississippi river areas of the mid-west, and has been part of the Colorado music scene in both cover and original ensembles since the mid 1990’s.

A songwriter and recording artist with a passion for harmony and melody, Kenny feels right at home with the rich acoustic flavors of the Home Brood Band.

Joel Dalton - (alternate - Vocals & Percussion)

Joel Dalton is a Phoenix-born musician with a dynamic range of both talent and professional experience. Within that list of impressive musical talents, his definitive area of expertise is vocal music. At an early age, Joel toured internationally with the prestigious Phoenix Boys’ Choir, and later went on to attend Los Angeles Music Academy, where he studied under, and performed alongside many of the music industry’s most notable talents. A true harmony enthusiast, Joel has spent the last several years performing in a world-renowned Beach Boys tribute band; playing over one hundred shows, and headlining the main stage on various cruise lines. Upon moving to Denver, Dalton seemed to be a natural fit for the vocally driven Americana group, The Home Brood Band.